So it’s Tuesday….not much to say about Tuesday….


Doesn’t it seem like every day of the week has it’s own “personality”?  Everyone hates Monday, that goes without saying. Wednesday is hump day, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Thursday is almost — but not quite — Friday and many times “bar night” given it’s proximity to the weekend.  Friday marks the end of the work week for many, and is therefore very celebrated. Saturday needs no introduction, it just is.  Sunday = Funday —  family gatherings and relaxation in order to gear up for the new week ahead.

But what about Tuesday?  Poor thing!  It really has no defining characteristics that make it stand out from the other days.  Nothing “exciting” ever fall s on a Tuesday (well, except maybe RHONY is on — yay!).  Tuesday.  It’s just….blah.

So, in order to liven up Tuesday, I’ve decided to ask you all a few questions for feedback!  Ready???  OK!

How many of you would really  like to see OAD in paperback?  Would you be more inclined to buy it?

Are there any other popular forums besides Barnes & Noble and Amazon where people buy eBooks?

What do you think about doing book promos where the author reads a chapter of her book to a captive audience, then does Q&A?  Or signings?

What do you think of combined promotions — ie., books and wine?  Or books and a new clothing line?

Well, that’s enough to stir up some discussion, I think.  Now I’ll just post some pretty pictures of fabulous summer shoes for you viewing pleasure…..Happy Tuesday!!!  xoxoxo

flower shoes shoes color block shoes colorful shoes geometric shoes platform


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