Book Release Party?!?! Ummm, so how do I do that?


So, the past few weeks have been crazy busy for me — putting the finishing editorial touches on OAD (check), getting everything set up for the preorder on (check), finalizing the artwork for the cover (check), setting up my <new> blog here (check, check!)…

But now I move on to an area I have zero experience with.  Marketing my book and to some extent, myself?!  How does one do that in a tactful manner?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I want OAD to do really well, but this book is about dating, relationships, being a single gal — this book is about me.  How do I try to sell….me??

When my friends suggested a Book Release Party to launch sales, my initial reaction was, Ummm, so how do I do that?  Specifically, how do I do that without coming off as….let’s say….pretentious and full of myself???  

That was just one of my many questions.  Here are some more:

1.  How do you do a “book signing” for a book that is only available in electronic format?  Do I just sign their PDA with a sharpie?

2.  How do you do “giveaways” of your book if you can’t afford to buy a few or twenty Kindles to download said book to?

3.  Who do you invite to these things?  I mean, besides the obvi — friends, family, hairdressers….

4.  How (besides blogging, ‘natch) do you spread the word about your fiesta?

5.  My NYC apartment is wayyyy to small to host such an event, so where can I do this <caveat: where I won’t have to essentially sell off my entire wardrobe in order to afford the deposit>??

6.  WTH do we do at one of these things?  I mean, I know there will be food/drinks, and music….but should there be a podium?  Do I need to give a speech (ack!)?  Do I just pump everyone full of drinks and hope that in their drunken stupor, my guest download my book onto their iPhones while sipping martinis?  Should I contact the press (kinda kidding, but seriously, I dunno??)?

Clearly, you can see my dilemma…. I’m a lawyer, not a writer/publicist/professional party-thrower.  Organizing impending litigation strategies I can do.  This….I’m completely clueless!

What do you think?  I haven’t been to one of these in ages, and honestly, I think I took way too much liberty with the open bar to remember how it was staged, much less what the book was even about (I know, bad me!)  Any suggestions?  Ideas?  Hook ups?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  :).



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